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You can use a mobile telescopic crane for a variety of needs including:


•  Timber frames

•  Machinery movement

•  Lifting beams

•  All other heavy goods

  • Purchasing cranes can be prove to be very costly. However with crane hire it is a much more cost effective way of moving heavy machinery. With our hire service you only need to pay when you need it, thus saving you those precious pennies!

  • You always get the best: By choosing to hire with us you know you will always be getting the best quality machine, meaning you get no delays with getting the job completed.

  • As well as saving money our skilled team always lend expert advice ensuring you get the best for your business.

Great benefits of crane hire:

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Looking to move heavy machinery?

In construction and need large timber moved quickly?

B & A Cranes Ltd have all the solutions for you. With our short/long term hire or contracts we have the best machinery suitable for the job. We have a team of skilled operators who are always on hand to lend their support and advice.

When do I need to use a mobile crane?

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